New Albums Unleashed

Today, the 29th Marshmallow Bunnies release “Phantom Presence” has been released on Bandcamp.

Also released is the sixth installment in the Somber Catalyst series: VI.

The music will soon be available on most major streaming and digital download services such as Spotify and iTunes.

Physical versions of both releases will be pressed on demand.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting independent art!


Welcome to the Marshmallow Bunnies home page.

The Marshmallow Bunnies is a music project led by Don Zaros. For the last 30 years I have been using this moniker as an outlet for musical expression. I am highly influenced by various styles of music and throughout the years I have tried to inject some of these styles into the project. The music is often progressive/experimental in nature with dark and personal lyrical themes. My other project, Somber Catalyst, is less structural in form and more atmospheric in nature. Both these projects can be heard via: Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music. I also have been writing and performing with the doom metal band Evoken for the past 10 years. Their music can be found at the sites listed above as well. Thanks for listening!