New Bunnies Release is Imminent

Emotions have been strong lately so I present to you another surprise release this year: the 32nd Marshmallow Bunnies album “On Mystic Nights”. It has been written and recorded and will be off to press in a limited edition of 5 units shortly. Expect a late March to early April release date which will be available on all major streaming platforms.

2023 Release

A new Somber Catalyst release “Within the Blue” will emerge in January 2023 with exclusive material dedicated to my daughter Ona. I wanted the music to stand by itself so I am not issuing it as the 9th volume of the series. Hopefully those of you who have lost loved ones can relate and take comfort in this cathartic little release. You can watch a live performance of the track “Elegaic” on the music and video page.

Within the Blue is available on Spotify and all other streaming platforms. The cd version is being manufactured in an extremely limited edition of 4 copies. Please email me if you’re interested or check the bandcamp page. When they arrive I will post their availability there. Thanks for your support!