Music & Video

“Zvučně Zvučný” from On Mystic Nights 2023
Elegaic (Piano Version) from Somber Catalyst “Within the Blue”
“Little Traumas” from Legacy in the Wind 2022
“1:04 PM” from Somber Catalyst VIII (Ona- voice)
“We the Marionettes” from Stratzion 1993
“A Fragile Balance” from Somber Catalyst II 2012
“Destiny Cries” from No Longer in Exile 2012
“A Messenger” from Quiet Mountain River 2011
“The Hush” from Phantom Presence” 2020
“Static Fields of Emotion” from Above and Beyond 1993
“The Haunting Before the Fall” from 2008
from the Precious ep 2001 (in loving memory of Beauty)
“Maggie’s Song” from Somber Catalyst V 2017

“The Transformation” from Will 1996
Storms– from “The Clearing” 2017
5 song live set performed on 5/5/20. Song titles in description.
6 song live set that premiered on 4/2/21 on Facebook. Song titles in description.